Elite Battle Pet on 5.2 PTR: Details about Dos-Ryga

dos-rygaAs I was playing around on the 5.2 PTR, I discovered what looks to be one of the new elite battle pets. A golden paw appeared on my minimap on the western edge of the water around Binan Village in Kun-Lai Summit. Upon landing, I found a goldfish named Dos-Ryga.

Unfortunately, pets are not transferring with characters to the PTR, so I wasn’t able to engage in a full pet battle with this cute little guy. I did take a stab at him with a level 1 pet, which obviously ended very quickly.

Dos-Ryga is a level 25 legendary aquatic pet with 4207 health. His speed is 287 and power is 446. His three abilities are Frost Breath, Whirlpool, and Healing Wave. Keep in mind that this is the test realm, and everything is subject to change.

Here is the information about elite battle pets from the 5.2 PTR patch notes:

“Elite Battle Pets have been added to the game world. These rare pets will spawn alone against an entire team. A new quest has been added to track progress as these new pets are hunted down, and completing that quest will award the new Red Panda pet.”

I’m going to hunt for more of these epic battle pets and hope that a future build of the PTR allows for the transfer of pets. I would love to have an actual battle with Dos-Ryga!



Pet leveling, XP, and earning new abilities

I was able to play around with pet battles quite a bit yesterday before they were pulled from the Mists of Pandaria beta. At first, the content was limited because the pets weren’t able to level. But at some point in the afternoon . . . the pets could level!

Leveling and XP

I found two ways to get XP for your pet. You can fight critters in the wild or challenge other players to a pet battle duel. The “Find Battle” queue is not active yet. Each pet that is active in the fight earns XP. So if your first pet takes out the critter, that pet gets all of the XP for the fight. If you use all three pets in the fight, they split the XP for the win.

New level glow!

The XP required to level:

  • Level 2: 250 XP
  • Level 3: 550 XP
  • Level 4: 900 XP
  • Level 5: 975 XP
  • Level 6: 1400 XP

I was able to get two pets to level 5 and one to level 4 in a couple hours by fighting critters. The critters that can be fought are higher level than your typical level 1 critter. In Northern Barrens, critters were level 5-9. They were level 12-14 in Thousand Needles. A high-level pet probably won’t earn XP against a low-level critter.

My guess is that leveling will be much faster when the queuing system is implemented.

Earning new abilities

Each pet has six unique abilities and three of these can be used during a fight. These abilities are unlocked as the pet levels. As an example, I’ll show the abilities of the Fox Kit.

  • Ability 1: Level 1 *Bite*
  • Ability 2: Level 3 *Crouch*
  • Ability 3: Level 5 *Leap*
  • Ability 4: Level 10  *Flurry* (Can be swapped with ability 1)
  • Ability 5: Level 15 *Howl* (Can be swapped with ability 2)
  • Ability 6: Level 20 *Dazzling Dance* (Can be swapped with ability 3)


Looking forward to more

As I mentioned, the pet battles are no longer available to test. Blizzard tweeted that they shouldn’t have been included for testing yet. I’m looking forward to more pet battling because I’m hooked. I just gained 160 new alts that I need to level!

Pet battles – First look at fighting critters in the wild

Parts of the pet battle system  are now open for testing in the Mists of Pandaria beta. You can form your pet team and fight critters in the wild for XP. Unfortunately, pets are not able to level yet. But it’s been fun to fly around and check out some of the critters up for fights and see some of the first abilities in action.

To start, you need to find a Battle Pet Trainer (located near Goldshire and Razor Hill) to learn the Battle Pet Training ability and the pet tracking ability. Pet tracking shows a yellow dot on your minimap for critters that can be battled. Wild animals that can be captured show up as a green paw print on the minimap. These animals are showing up but aren’t capturable yet.

Once you find a critter to fight, you just click on it to start the battle. The battle UI is pretty straightforward. You can use all of your pet’s abilities, switch to another pet on your team, trap/capture the opponent, or forfeit. All of my pets are level 1 (since they can’t be leveled yet), so they each had just one ability to use in the battle. The videos below show the fights in action and the more interesting abilities that are available now.

Albino Snake and Mana Wyrmling vs. Small Frog

Blue Moth, Enchanted Broom and Ammen Vale Lashling vs. Adder

Festival Lantern, Mini Diablo and Onyxian Whelpling vs. Prairie Dog

Willy, Tranquil Mechanical Yeti and Strand Crawler vs. Adder

First abilities for pet battles added to beta

I’m happy to announce that in today’s update of the Mists of Pandaria beta, the updated pet journal is showing many pets with their own special abilities for pet battles. From the early information, it sounded like each class of pets would have a group of shared abilities. To find out that they have their own pet-specific abilities is a lovely icing on the cake!

For example, Nuts has an ability called Nut Barrage (“Hurls nuts at the enemy, dealing 20 Critter damage. Nuts continue to fall on the enemy team dealing 5 Critter damage each turn for 3 turns.”) This is great news for those of us who are looking forward to pet battles. It looks like Blizzard is taking a great deal of time from the start to make this feature fun and interesting.

Since there are only a few pets who have abilities listed now, it is quite possible that some of these abilities might be duplicated in pets of the same type. As you’ll see below, the Jubling has some of the most fun abilities. These will probably be the same abilities that are found in Mojo and the Tree Frog. Still cool, in my opinion!

Here are some screenshots of the most fun abilities that I found so far. Zergling and Jubling are my early favorites. Enjoy!





Tranquil Mechanical Yeti

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti

Onyxian Whelpling

Onyxian Whelpling

Archaeology in Pandaria – Early observations

Pandaren archaeology fragmentArchaeology isn’t in the category of “ready to test” in the Mists of Pandaria beta yet, but I couldn’t resist checking out a couple dig sites when the level 85 content opened for testing today. I agree with most WoW players who find archaeology mind-numbingly boring. I differ from many players in that I have pushed past the dullness and spent quite a bit of time working on this profession (always with Netflix open on the second monitor). I leveled it up in early Cataclysm on my holy paladin main and then worked to get the Intellect trinket, ring, and all the achievements. Then I actually leveled it on a second character (my mage alchemist) to try for the Vial of the Sands, but that still eludes me.

Anyway, I’m excited to see how archaeology will improve in this expansion (it can’t get worse, right?). From what I found on Pandaria, things are headed in the right direction. Currently there is only one zone open on the new continent, The Jade Forest. Archaeology on PandariaI found one dig site there on my pally and one on my mage. Instead of the three digs per site that has been the standard, these sites each gave NINE digs per site! And each dig in Pandaria is dropping between 5 – 9 fragments. This is a huge improvement over Cataclysm!

I was able to solve two artifacts from one digsite (the Pandaren common artifacts require 32 fragments). They weren’t anything exciting, just common items that sell for one gold. Looks like the graphics and price for the artifacts aren’t finalized yet though. I read something about being able to teleport between dig sites, but didn’t see anything like that yet. I’ll post an update once the archaeology becomes more finalized.


Death of “Have Group, Will Travel” = Rebirth of Multi-Passenger Mounts?

In the the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion, Blizzard has made it clear that they want people out in the world doing things. The days of standing around in the main cities twiddling our virtual thumbs are over. One of the ways they are enforcing this goal is by removing the well-loved level 21 guild perk, “Have Group, Will Travel.” /cry

As I mourn the impending loss of this perk, I’m thinking how this will change the way I play the game. I know that this perk has only been around for one expansion, but it will be tough to go back to the way things used to be done. We’ll have to use the summoning stone again for raids. Friends will actually have to fly or run (gasp!) to meet for questing or other objectives.

Thinking about this has made me wonder if the loss of this handy perk will bring a revival of multi-passenger mounts. Unless you were leveling or doing some extreme traveling in Cata, there wasn’t much reason to use these mounts. In Mists, they could see a new phase of popularity and usefulness. That is, as long as everyone doesn’t decide to switch to their druid to become their own multi-passenger mount with Glyph of the Stag. Darn lucky druids!

Here is a list of all of the multi-passenger mounts currently in the game:

Grand Black War Mammoth
How to acquire: Get extremely lucky on this rare drop from Vault of Archavon
Passengers: 2

Grand Ice Mammoth
How to acquire: Become exalted with Sons of Hodir, Purchase from quartermaster in The Storm Peaks
Passengers: 2
Cost: 8,000g (with no guild perks), 7,000g (with level 24 guild perk Bartering)Traveler's Tundra Mammoth

Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth
How to acquire: Purchase from Mei Francis in Dalaran
Passengers: 2 (after you kick off the vendors)

  • 20,000g (with no guild perks or Kirin Tor reputation)
  • 16,000g (with no guild perks, exalted with Kirin Tor)
  • 14,000g (with level 24 guild perk bartering, exalted with Kirin Tor)

Mechano-hogMechano-hog (Horde) or Mekgineer’s Chopper (Alliance)
How to acquire: Craft or purchase from engineer
Passengers: 1
Cost: 12 – 13,000g plus many Northrend materials

Sandstone Drake
How to acquire: Craft or purchase from alchemist/archaeologist
Passengers: 1
Cost: 26 – 29,000g plus many Cataclysm materials

X-53 Touring RocketX-53 Touring Rocket
How to acquire: Participate in the Refer-a-Friend program
Passengers: 1
Cost: $50 [Friend (or you on second account) buys WoW and two months of game time]

YouTubers, any requests from the Beta?

Hello and welcome to everyone who is visiting from YouTube (and everywhere else)! As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been posting videos of some of the new animations, glyphs and talents from the Mists of Pandaria beta on my YouTube channel.

I’d love to hear more feedback about what else you would like to see. I’ll try to fulfill as many of your requests as I can. I currently have level 85 paladin, mage and druid and a level 12 monk on the beta servers. I’ll transfer more as soon as the character transfer process opens again.

Please send me your requests. Thanks for watching and visiting!